Hoeing Sportmotoren becomes Mezgerwerk

Big changes here at Hoeing Sportmotoren as my little one man show is becoming a. history and b. a real engine shop that goes by the name of Mezgerwerk. I am happy to announce that my evil genius twin Torsten and myself have teamed up and formed this thing. Well, Torsten is not really evil, and neither is he my twin, but he probably is the most gifted engine builder I have ever met and an overall outstanding person. More on him in the 'About' section of this website soon. Needless to say that I am extremely happy to have found a business partner in him to take our efforts to the next level. But I say it anyway: I am extremely happy. 


Now... The name... As the ones of you who are familiar with Porsche's engineering history might have guessed already, the name refers to the work of Hans Mezger. For all others, I will not go into detail on Mezger's achievements here. Only so much that he is the father of many of Porsche's race winning engines and most prominently, the iconic 911 engine. If you'd like to read more about 'the Godfather', I recommend this book.

So, back to the name. We did not choose it to let the light of Mezger's fame shine upon us, but rather to humbly pay respect to the man who has given generations of car afficionados beautiful machinery to play with and, not least, given generations of mechanics and technicians great engines to work on. We strive to respectfully foster Hans Mezger's legacy which is in the heart of every 911. Additionaly, since we ONLY work on engines that are based on the so-called "Mezger Crankcase", we thought the name would be an appropriate description of our service portfolio.


Well, friends, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned to this channel for pictures and stories of some exciting engine builds.


Yours truly,

Matthias Hoeing