Head Studs

This engine was in need of new head studs, so I thought I'd give the ones from ARP a shot. Before ordering, I called the R&D at ARP to ask about their properties compared to Dilavar. In a nutshell, I was assured that they'd do just what the Dilavar ones do, only better, and that they are made out of Inconel. How Inconel matches Dilavar as far as heat expansion properties is beyond me, but since ARP knows their bolts and this engine is of the not-so-stressed 964 type I figure they'll do their job just fine. If anyone out there has experience with these studs I'd be interested to hear from you. Cheers.

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    H.-Philipp Klein (Mittwoch, 29 Januar 2014 17:07)

    The ARP set of studs, washers and nuts were used during the rebuild of my 930 engine. The fasteners came in a perfect quality. I did torque them according ARP spec. to 38ftlbs. During rundown the angle monitoring window could be set very tight which is a result of the tight material tolerances of the studs and nuts as well of the low friction ARP lube which I used at the threads and nut contact faces. In the meantime the new enginge did more than 5000mls w/o any problems.