A visit to the museum

Frank Kayser called me up last year. Here's kind of how it went:


Frank: Hey Matthias, I'm doing this killer campaign for Porsche Motorsport and there's this scene we're shooting at the museum with a 917, sort of McQueen Le Mans style, and I thought you'd like to...-


Me: I'M IN!


So he flew me out to Stuttgart, drove me to the (closed to the public) museum, put me in a funny suit and told me to look at this 917 while he was taking pictures. I'd never been to the Porsche Museum before so of course I was absolutely stoked to see it myself. The above picture was taken by Brett Sloan who was there with Michael Pollack filming a documentary about the making of the campaign. Go check out Brett's tumblr, he's got cool pictures for days.



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